Electric Luminaria Sets
Die-Cut Blue Starburst Set
Brown Set
White Set
Red Set
Green Set
Die-Cut Christmas Set
Die-Cut Halloween Set
Die-Cut Red Starburst Set
Die-Cut Red/White/Blue Starburst Set
Die-Cut White Starburst Set
Electric Luminaria Sleeves
Blue Sleeves 
Brown Sleeves
Red Sleeves
White Sleeves 
Green Sleeves
Die-Cut Blue Starburst Sleeves 
Die-Cut Christmas Sleeves
Die-Cut Christams Tree Sleeves
Die-Cut Halloween Sleeves 
Die-Cut Pumpkin Sleeves
Die-Cut Red Starburst Sleeves
Die-Cut Red/White/Blue Starburst Sleeves 
Die-Cut White Starburst Set 
Parrot Clips
Luminaria Accessories

Electric Luminarias & Accessories

However you decide to "light up" a special occasion, RC Company can help.

If you're searching for unique, unusual and versatile lighting, Electric Luminarias® are the answer to every decorating need. The multi-purpose, yet elegant lighting products are the perfect lighting option to enhance any special event.

Since 1984 we have always and will continue to have the best product on the market. Including our most popular item, the Electric Luminarias® kit including everything you need to get started decorating for the holidays or special events.

We can also provide you with a variety of Replacement Luminaria bags, Specialty Lighting, Novelty Lighting and other Special Event lighting products.
Electric Luminarias Replacement Sleeves Parrot Clips
Brown Set CompleteBrown Luminarias


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Luminaria Sleeves
Decorate for the holidays and events using our specialty luminaria replacement sleeves for any occation.

Luminaria Accessories
We also sell accessories including replacement frames, elecrtical cord, light bulbs & fuse
Parrot Clips

News & How-to Videos

Hang Luminarias on Walls, Parapets & Fences!
Simply place Parrot Clips on parapet walls or block fences. Parrot Clip's unique pliable design allows them to fit on walls and block fences which are 4 inches or 8 inches wide. It's..... Read More...

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